Directors Profile

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed

Director Energy, Transportation, Science & Technology

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed assumed charge of his position at SAARC Secretariat on 16 September 2020.

Mr. Tanveer Ahmed is a career diplomat who joined Pakistan Foreign Service in 2006. Prior to his appointment at the Secretariat, he was serving as Counsellor at Embassy of Pakistan, Kuwait.

Mr. Fazulrahaman Rahmani

Director, Human Resources Development and Tourism Division

Fazulrahaman Rahmani joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in 2010. Before joining the Ministry, he was a lecturer at the Law and Political Science Faculty of Kunduz University of Afghanistan. 

Ms. Ishrat Jahan
Director Agriculture and Rural Development

Ms. Ishrat Jahan joined Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign Affairs) in 2003. Prior to joining the Foreign Service, she was a member of Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) and served as a Magistrate and Assistant Commissioner for more than two years. 

Mr. Sangye Chewang
Director Environment, Natural Disaster and Biotechnology

Mr. Sangye Chewang joined the SAARC Secretariat in January 2018 as Director, Environment, Natural Disaster and Biotechnology Division.

Mr. Chanchal Chand Sarkar

Director Economic Trade Finance

Mr Chanchal Chand Sarkar joined as the Director representing India at the SAARC Secretariat, Kathmandu on the 9th August, 2018. Mr Sarkar joined Indian Civil Services in the year 1999. Prior to joining Civil Services, Mr Sarkar had worked as a Consultant at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT),

Rishfa Rasheed assumed charge as Director (Social Affairs) at the SAARC Secretariat on 7 August 2017.

Ms. Rasheed joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives in 2001, and has served the Maldives Foreign Service in many capacities, both at the Capital as well as in diplomatic Missions.

Mr. Dadhi Ram Bhandari

Director Information and Poverty Alleviation 

Mr. Dadhi Ram Bhandari, joined the SAARC Secretariat on 16 April 2018 as Director, Information and Poverty Alleviation Division. 

Director Energy, Transport, Science and Technology 

Mr. Ali assumed duties at the Secretariat from 21 August 2015

-Joined Foreign Services of Pakistan in 2000. 

-Remain posted in Pakistan Missions in Japan, Brazil and Germany.