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SAARC Trade Fairs


At the Fifth Meeting of Committee on Economic Cooperation (New Delhi, 8-9 April 1995) the delegation of India suggested that in view of the forthcoming tenth anniversary of establishment of SAARC, holding of SAARC Trade Fairs should be considered at venues in different Member States during the course of the anniversary year. The Committee endorsed this suggestion and felt that SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and/or national Trade Promotion Organisations in the region may be approached for organizing and coordinating this activity.

On January 9, 1996 the Commerce Ministers and leaders of delegations of all SAARC Member States jointly inaugurated the First SAARC Trade Fair (New Delhi, 9-14 January 1996)  as a part of the commemoration of the first decade of SAARC. They acknowledged with appreciation the contribution made by their authorities and business communities to ensure the success and popularity of the Trade Fair, which celebrated the theme of `Cooperation for Growth'. They recognised that such trade fairs were a particularly effective instrument for direct promotion of intra-SAARC trade, as well as for raising the general awareness level in the region of the importance of trade among their countries for their economic development, and agreed to promote organisation of similar trade fairs regularly at various venues in all SAARC countries

The details of dates and venues of the SAARC Trade Fairs held so far are given below: -


First SAARC Trade Fair

New Delhi, 9-14 January 1996


Second SAARC Trade Fair

Colombo, 8-15 September 1998


Third SAARC Trade Fair

Karachi, 21-26 April 2001


Fourth SAARC Trade Fair

Kathmandu, 25-29 October 2002


Fifth SAARC Trade Fair

Dhaka, 27-31 December 2003


Sixth SAARC Trade Fair

New Delhi, 6-10 January 2005


Seventh SAARC Trade Fair

Karachi, 16-18 June 2006


Eighth SAARC Trade Fair

Colombo, 28-31 August 2008


Ninth SAARC Trade Fair

Thimphu, 11-14 September 2009


Tenth SAARC Trade Fair

Kathmandu, 15-19 December 2010


Eleventh  SAARC Trade Fair

Dhaka, 30 March - 1 April 2012 


Twelfth  SAARC Trade Fair

Maldives, 2013 (proposed)


The Eleventh SAARC Trade Fair has been held successfully in Bangladesh on 30 March - 1 April 2012.  

The Second Meeting of SAARC Tourism Ministers (Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, 21 May 2006) had decided that SAARC Tourism Fair may be organized along with SAARC Trade Fairs. SAARC Food Festival and Cultural Fair/Exhibitions may also be organized concomitantly with the Tourism Fair.

The Thirty-seventh session of the Standing Committee (Thimphu, 25-26 April 2009) decided that henceforth Observers to SAARC may also be invited to participate in the SAARC Trade Fairs. 

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