SAARC Summit

The Charter (Article III) provides that the Heads of State or Government "shall meet once a year or more often as and when considered necessary by the Member States".

However, the Summit has generally been convened at an interval of one and half year or so. The next i.e. Sixteenth Summit of the Heads of State or Government would be held at Thimphu on 28-29 April 2010.

Summit Declarations provide directives and mandate for regional co-operation. Following are the past Summit Declarations:

First SAARC Summit, Dhaka, 1985

Second SAARC Summit, Bangalore, 1986

Third SAARC Summit, Kathmandu, 1987

Fourth Summit, Islambad, 1988 

Fifth SAARC Summit, Male', 1990

Sixth SAARC Summit, Colombo, 1991

Seventh SAARC Summit. Dhaka, 1993

Eighth SAARC Summit, New Delhi 1995

Ninth SAARC Summit, Male', 1997

Tenth SAARC Summit, Colombo, 1998

Eleventh SAARC Summit, Kathmandu, 2002

Twelfth SAARC Summit, Islamabad, 2004

Thirteenth SAARC Summit, Dhaka, 2005

Fourteenth SAARC Summit, New Delhi, 2007

Fifteenth SAARC Summit, Colombo, 2008

Sixteenth SAARC Summit, Thimphu, 2010

Seventeenth SAARC Summit, Addu City, 2011

Eighteenth SAARC Summit, Kathmandu, 2014