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April 27, 2010
Dr. Ravikant Singh from India receives the SAARC Youth Award for 2009
Dr. Ravi Kant Singh receiving SAARC Youth Award 2009 from Chairman of the SAARC Council of Ministers

Dr. Ravikant Singh receives the SAARC Youth Award for 2009 at the Thirty Second Council of Ministers, 27 April 2010, Thimphu

Dr. Ravikant Singh, is a young medical doctor from Bihar of India, currently pursuing his MD from KEM Hospital of Mumbai, India. He started his NGO, named “DOCTORS FOR YOU” in 2007. The members of ‘Doctors for You’, are mostly voluntary medical doctors and students. The main objective of this organization is to improve the lives of people through provision of better health and education.

Dr. Singh received the SAARC Youth Award 2009, for his outstanding contributions during the Bihar flood of August 2008. The Bihar flood was one of the worst and most disastrous floods in the history of the Indian state of Bihar, which occurred due to a breach in the Kosi embankment near Indo-Nepal border. The flood affected over 2.3 million people in the northern part of Bihar.

During this devastating flood which took numerous lives, Dr. Singh, through his NGO, mobilized 110 doctors for a period of six months. They treated about 130,000 patients and organized more than 300 Health camps. ‘Doctors for you’ was not only engaged in the treating the victims and survivors, they were also involved in relief works including distribution of relief materials. In this process they distributed about 18 tons of relief material to the affected people.  

After the Bihar flood, Dr. Singh has widened his voluntary work to include voluntary blood and platelet donation and is expanding his initiative in the area of rural maternal and child health that he has begun recently.

Dr. Singh has plans to build a Humanitarian Medical Disaster Relief Team of Doctors from South East Asian countries who could be readily mobilized at events of natural disaster or other such calamities in the Asia region. He also intends to promote voluntary blood donation in India, Pakistan and Nepal, where there is high demand for blood.

Dr. Singh dedicated his Award to his colleague, Dr. Chandrakant Patil, who passed away being hit by lightening during their relief work in Bihar flood.